This permanent make-up technique is delivered by a manual method of depositing pigments into the brow line with a configuration of tiny needles which looks like a fine blade; producing clear, crisp and precision hair strokes. These meticulously hand drawn hair strokes that place pigment in to the epidermal layer of the skin are great for filling gaps, extending the brow or creating brow where hair has been lost to give a very natural brow look, creating aesthetic balance and harmony to individual face shapes.

Microblading allows the correction, improvement and recreation of your natural brows, enhancing their appearance. It is an ideal procedure for people with and without brows, giving natural and long lasting results.

The final result is adapted to your hair colour, skin tone and direction of the eyebrow hair growth.

On clients with oily or porous skin pigment may not take as well, strokes will not be as crisp or last as long and earlier touch-ups may be required. A better option for oily skins is combination or ombré brows.


* Inclusive of consultation, initial treatment & touch-up; scheduled 6-10 weeks after initial procedure (please note that the touch up must be taken no later than 10 weeks after initial treatment. If outside of this time an additional charge will be incurred)

Colour Boost
12+ Months £145