Ombre/Powder & Combination Brows

Created using a digital machine using either a single nano needle or set of grouped needles to deposit pixels of pigment into the epidermal/upper dermal layer of the skin.

A range of design techniques can be produced such as:

Combination/Hybrid Brows – Utilising the best of both worlds, where strokes are created at the start of the brow, with shading through the body, arch and tail, creating an incredibly natural, airbrushed looking brow.

Ombre/Powder Brows – this style is built up completely of tiny pixels to produce either a soft borderless yet defined shadow/mist effect or a fuller more defined outlined brow. This technique can create anything from a soft and sheer powder look to a fuller more made-up looking brow and works well on all skin types and lasts longer. This style brow is ideal for cover-ups/correctional work and improved symmetry.


* Inclusive of consultation, initial treatment & touch-up; scheduled 6-10 weeks after initial procedure (please note that the touch up must be taken no later than 10 weeks after initial treatment. If outside of this time an additional charge will be incurred).

Colour Boost
12+ Months £175