This semi-permanent make-up technique is delivered by a manual method of depositing pigments into the brow line with a configuration of tiny needles which looks like a fine blade; producing clear, crisp and precision hair strokes.

Ombre/Powder & Combination Brows

Digital method, sometimes referred to as feather touch/stroke or ombre/powder/combination brow technique involves the use of the most advanced ?state of the art? digital machine…

Botched Ink ™ Saline Tattoo Brow Removal

Botched Ink?? is a gentle yet concentrated hypertonic saline tattoo removal solution. When implanted into the skin, using a state of the art digital tattoo machine, the area dries out.

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

Russian Volume (sometimes referred to as 3D) is a pristine technique of applying a number of lightweight lash extensions to each natural lash.

Brow Tidying & Tinting, Lash Tinting

A bespoke brow tidy/tint can perfectly reshape your eyebrows to show off your face with an amazing look, creating Natural, Bolder & Fuller Brows.